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selectively breeding black huacaya alpacas with pride, commitment & success

Keith & Isi Cameron
PO Box 686
York, WA 6302
Keith: 0458 486 601
Isi: 0413 834 734

Marketing Australia Pty Ltd
Trading as KEIS
ABN: 90 099 234 901

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KEIS Gourmet Alpaca

alpaca sampler plate

alpaca sampler plate

Alpaca meat is lean and high in protein. It is a succulent, sweet, fine grained meat but not gamey. Cooked quickly over a high heat, 100% Australian Alpaca Meat will retain its natural tenderness and unique flavours.  For the best results it should be served rare or medium and placed on a warm plate to rest for several minutes before serving.










KEIS Gourmet Alpaca is available to purchase from
The Naked Butcher
5 / 7145 Great Eastern Highway 6073

With a minimum of 2 weeks notice we will prepare a Sunday lunch menu of alpaca for you to enjoy on our farm in York.